The 10 Best Laravel Development Agencies (2022)

Best Laravel Development Agencies

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Laravel Development Agencies in Canada
7 agencies
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    12 people in their team
    From €1000 per project
    0 works in Laravel Development
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    110 people in their team
    From €5000 per project
    0 works in Laravel Development
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    35 people in their team
    From €2000 per project
    9 works in Laravel Development
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    247 Labs
    247 Labs
    40 people in their team
    From €2500 per project
    2 works in Laravel Development
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    3 people in their team
    From €1000 per project
    0 works in Laravel Development
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What are the criteria of selection for the best Laravel Development in Canada?

What can Laravel Development agencies do for you?

If it comes to Laravel Development, clients may expect various kinds of projects from our agencies. At Sortlist, we have observed a trending need in Canada for demands which included:

  • Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel eCommerce Development
  • Laravel API Development
  • Laravel Testing and Bug Fixing Services
  • Websites & Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-Commerce Website

What is Laravel Development?

Before starting to define your requirements to your next Laravel Development undertaking, it's important to know what it is all about. The digital era has never been diversified regardless of of the particular set of skills that our Laravel Development experts can assist you with. Employing the perfect service for your job starts with the right definition of your requirements.

Laravel is a PHP open source framework. This framework was written by Taylor Otwell and modeled loosely on the Ruby on Rails framework, which strives to assist in getting new web development projects up and running with minimal effort. Despite sounding like a clone of another popular PHP application, Laravel claims to have dropped support for being an "opinionated" application in favor of providing "modules", or libraries that can be easily added as necessary for any given implementation.

Laravel vs Express

While express provides a robust set of features like templating, routing etc. laravel offers advanced packages for caching and deployment of the application.

Therefore, what does Laravel Development refer to precisely? For the aim of this article we will assume that you're developing a personal webpage which is not at all connected to any business. Therefore, you are merely using this page for the purpose of sharing some personal information having a loved one, or for the purpose of keeping contact with friends and family. For all these reasons , it would be sensible to leave the business element of creating websites behind and only focus on building a site which entertains traffic and pleases the eye. For all intents and purposes, this could be the most suitable usage of a"Laravel" website, and several talented developers have managed to earn a living by creating personal websites using this format.


Laravel is a programming framework for PHP. It provides a robust, expressive, and elegant syntax that makes it easy to create expressive, maintainable, and secure web applications.The framework is widely used by developers for building web applications in the PHP language. Laravel is also one of the most popular frameworks in the world.Finding the right Laravel development agency is crucial if you want to develop your website or app with speed and confidence. You’ll need an agency that knows how to get it right if you’re going to generate qualified leads and drive business growth. Fortunately, there are some first-class agencies that offer stellar options to improve your digital sales and marketing. To help we’ve pulled together a list of the best Laravel development agencies in Canada in 2021 and beyond. The list isn’t meant to be conclusive, but provides you with a starting point to get your agency selection process moving in the right direction.So here are the best Laravel development agencies for 2021 and beyond:

Other agencies

Find other agencies across the globe that might be interesting for your project.

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