Red Cross Belgium Success Story - Sortlist

Red Cross Belgium Success Story

We introduce agencies to Red Cross Belgium.

Here is their story.

Project: Online Advertising


Sortlist is a bit like Tinder but better because at least there are people behind it who help to pre-select the right profiles.

Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

I work at the Belgian Red Cross. I am project coordinator. I am in charge of helping the various departments to raise public awareness and make our work known. The Belgian Red Cross aims to help the most disadvantaged both locally and abroad.

What issue lead you to contact Sortlist and why?

I knew Sortlist through a colleague who herself found it through a search engine. We were looking for an agency. As an agency owner there's an issue. It's the lack of knowledge of the world of agencies. Thanks to Sortlist, we had four proposals and four agencies that came to us. Two known and two unknown. They contacted me and we went a little further with the chosen agency: 'Bonjour,'. It was perfectly in line with our philosophy. We did a first campaign at the end of the year and we are already on a new project. When you're an advertiser you only know the big agencies. The ones with a real reputation. The agencies know each other but we don't necessarily know that world. Thanks to Sortlist we found agencies that may not be so well known but that corresponded to our needs.

If you were to recommend Sortlist to a close friend, colleague or partner what would you say?

If I had to recommend Sortlist to a colleague I would tell him that it is a very practical tool. That on the basis of our precise request we have an equally precise answer and a choice. There's a great follow-up from the team. It's very comfortable. According to you, what tagline would best define Sortlist?

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