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1001 Belges Success Story

We introduce agencies to 1001 belges.

Here is their story.

Project: Online Advertising


Sortlist can really help people who have to manage multiple tasks on a marketing level.

Could you describe your company?

1001 Belges is a collaborative platform on which sewing, cooking, meditation, natural cosmetics... enthusiasts are put in touch with persons who wish to share their passion through training courses or workshops. My role is to manage classic and digital marketing.

How were you managing to find agencies before knowing Sortlist?

When I needed a marketing agency's services, I used to ask my colleagues or my close network.

How did you find Sortlist?

Through Google, yes! You are the ones coming first.

How did it help 1001 belges?

I first got in touch with Thibaut. I was absolutely looking for help for our SEA but Thibaut advised me to take a more global view and he helped me to identify my needs, which had not been completely clear before. He asked me all of the criteria I was looking for in an agency and he selected about ten agencies which could fit these criteria. I have to admit it really made my job easier. It was time I would have otherwise spent myself rummaging through the internet or harassing my network.

What if a friend asked you why should I use Sortlist?

Sortlist can really help people who have to manage multiple tasks on a marketing level. It is really time saving, it helps you to better define your needs and to choose more objective search criteria than “I know X” or “I heard of Y”. Moreover, you really are accompanied during the process, by people who work in that field everyday and who have an in-depth knowledge of the agencies and of their partners.

Could you describe Sortlist in 3 words?

I would say: time-saving, efficient and free.

Think Sortlist for your next need!

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