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About WebWaves.ca

WebWaves.ca offers Digital Marketing Services – website hosting, website design,Local SEO, Organic SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, and more – for small and medium-sized businesses all across Canada and the US.

We believe in being totally transparent in everything we do which is why we don’t require contracts for our services unlike so many of our competitors. We’re willing to re-earn our clients business each and every month. We serve business owners, their families, and their livelihoods to the best of our abilities every single day.

Your brand is unique. Your social media should be, too. Our social media management in Ottawa is tailored to every client we serve. From creating engaging posts to nurturing client relationships, our social media team will develop a strategy based on what your business actually needs.

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SEO CampaignApril 2018
SEO CampaignApril 2018

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€1000 – €1000000

A Trusted and Results-Driven SEO Company Companies from various industries face the challenge of competing with thousands of other businesses for customer attention. With so many choices and not enough time to deal with it all, it’s getting harder for marketers to find an angle that makes their brand stand out. There’s more to grabbing audience attention than flashy sales ads and seasonal marketing gimmicks, fortunately. You can enter your brand in the digital marketing race. While it may seem like a tall order to compete with bigger names when ranking for search engine result pages (SERPs), it’s not impossible. Finding a good SEO company is the first step towards getting the lion’s share of traffic. Our Results-Driven SEO Services WebWaves.ca knows that the key to standing out is differentiation—understanding what makes you different, then creating a strategy to deliver your message. And this is what we do. We focus on giving you a competitive advantage to attract and keep loyal customers. Our experience in the industry has helped us earn a reputation as an SEO agency that delivers outstanding results. Don’t allow your website to fall into obscurity in the bowels of the SERPs where your customers can’t find it. Let us help put a spotlight on your website with our SEO services. Our strategies will establish trust, gain credibility, and drive long-term growth. You’ll have the following benefits: Increased traffic Better ROI than normal ads Greater brand credibility Higher conversion rates Enhanced website usability We will optimize your website to drive more traffic, increase brand visibility, and encourage more people to buy your goods and services. Our team uses legitimate techniques to give you a competitive edge to achieve long-term growth. This way, you can make your company rise above the rest of your digital competitors. Getting You to the Top of Search Engine Results As companies struggle for user attention in today’s marketplace, it is not surprising why companies need SEO services. SEO has become a requirement for businesses who want to build online visibility and increase market penetration. The process makes it easier for customers to find your webpage. WebWaves.ca helps make this happen. We employ a results-driven approach to SEO that considers your products and services, target audience, and business goals. Before we start your marketing campaign, our specialists conduct a comprehensive website audit of your existing site to determine your rankings. From there, we’ll get you to the first page of SERPs. Reputation Management and Protection from Google Penalties Keeping up with search engine policies can be difficult when promoting your business online. In fact, some efforts could harm your website’s reputation. So, we use white-hat SEO strategies to improve your rankings across all major search engines. Our efforts keep your website penalty-free, reducing impact and repair costs. As one of the premier SEO companies, count on us to create marketing campaigns for businesses across Canada and the US. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

Website Creation

€1000 – €1000000

A Website Design Company that Drives Business Growth Your website is your business’s best representative online, which is why first impressions of it matter. If it’s less-than-appealing or less-than-functional, you might turn off visitors and lose the opportunity to convert them into customers. As a trusted web design companies, we guarantee your website will not only look amazing but also perform better to deliver results for your business—from increased traffic to improved sales. Our goal is to create solutions that will allow your business to make full use of your website as a powerful marketing tool. Whether you want higher search engine rankings, more leads, or to improve the image of your organization, our website design solutions strive to achieve it all for clients not just in Canada but the US, too. Creating a Consistent Brand Identity Your website is the online face of your business. This is why you need a digital marketing agency that helps you reach your target audience and creates a consistent brand identity across all platforms. When choosing a web design company, look out for key features that indicate that they’re cut out for the job: Responsive design skills – An ideal designer is well-versed in responsive design techniques. This skill is crucial to optimizing your website for every device. Website portfolio – Credible designers show you their work. This helps you identify the type of projects they’ve worked on. Industry experience –A company that has worked with several industries has a higher chance of creating a unique website than employ a cookie-cutter approach to web design. Conversion rates – Designers should have a solid grasp of how to make a website work to increase conversions. This includes knowledge on layout, navigation, calls to action, and more. Custom Web Design Packages We recognize the unique qualities of each business and custom-build your website. With WebWaves.ca, you’ll get a website designed according to your brand, your audience, and your goals. This approach will allow you to accurately showcase your brand, products, and services. Our team will create an engaging and dynamic website that echoes the personality of your brand. More than improving the aesthetics of your company website, however, our web design services target your industry and your customers. We’ll create a website that resonates with your audience so you can forge more meaningful relationships with them online. Through consultations with your team, we create effective strategies that ensure better user experience for your visitors, leaving your competitors in the dust and driving growth for your business. Our top-notch services will enhance your site’s performance and functionality to attract more qualified leads to your website. Create memorable experiences for your customers—engage them and convert with a website that performs. Call us today for a free consultation.

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